Photographing Alaska through a dirty window

A few tips on getting better photos through old, dirty airplane windows

Photographers: you’re being replaced by software

Realistic CGI rendering is already competing with photography and it's getting cheaper and easier every day.

Step Away From The Wacom Tablet!

An Arizona bill that would require advertisers to print disclaimers with images that have been altered in postproduction.


It's a good news day for photo manipulation.

Some Notes on Saturation

The tools we use effect us more than we like to admit. We are so accustomed to working on computers that we tend to forget that the interface of a modern operating system is little more than a set of visual metaphors.

Hier wird nach den Regeln nur eingelassen.

History is full of attempts to codify beauty. The meistersingers referenced in the quote above are a good example and in fact have a lot in common with the kind of advice you get in magazines, workshops…

Back in town

I've been in Wyoming for the past two weeks, which is why things have been a little slow around here. I expect to be back on top of things next week. In the mean time I'll leave you with a few out takes of some amazing roping horses in digital conversions

Performance Enhancing Photoshop

Earlier this week the New York Times retracted a photo essay by Edgar Martins with the note: "A picture essay in The Times Magazine on Sunday and an expanded slide show on entitled 'Ruins of the Second Gilded Age'"

The abyss of uncertainty

A catalog of the differences in the way I see a scene compared to what is captured in a photograph.

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