Should photographers still design their own websites?

I just redesigned this site from the ground up and call tell you first-hand, there are very few reasons to spend time coding your own website today.

The color of sloth

Busy times leave little room for blogging. Here's a quick news post about what's been happening.


This website has a brand new look and some new features. Here's the rundown.

Slow news week

I'll be in the lower forty-eight for the next week…


I'm heading for the lower 48 to do some work…

Out of town

Heading out on a couple quick trips to Wyoming and Texas

Photography & Social Media

As new social media outlets sprout like weeds I have found myself developing a new rule when dealing with them: I'm not uploading my images to your servers. Sure, I may post an iPhone shot or something similar…

Back in town

I've been in Wyoming for the past two weeks, which is why things have been a little slow around here. I expect to be back on top of things next week. In the mean time I'll leave you with a few out takes of some amazing roping horses in digital conversions

Ambient Heaven

I've been away again for several weeks in Wyoming pursuing some personal work which included among other things photographing behind the scenes at the Cody Stampede Rodeo. I'm back home for a while and will be editing photos and making blog postings here…

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