Photographers: you’re being replaced by software

Realistic CGI rendering is already competing with photography and it's getting cheaper and easier every day.

Deconstructing Chromaticity

We are going to geek out on color theory today. If you've spent anytime at all around digital color, you've certainly seen the above diagram. It's called a chromaticity diagram

Salon des Refusés

Why would a major news organization with its many resources choose the stock photo rather than finding a photo, any photo, of the actual conditions? The answer is simple:

Hier wird nach den Regeln nur eingelassen.

History is full of attempts to codify beauty. The meistersingers referenced in the quote above are a good example and in fact have a lot in common with the kind of advice you get in magazines, workshops…

Three quotes on photography

Adams allows for the happy accident of the machine, which opens the possibility that you might be confronted one day by an excellent photograph made without human intent. Perhaps you would find a very lucky shot from a traffic or security camera

Ctein—is it art?

Like many difficult questions, the problem is not the evasive answer, but rather the muddled question. The question 'what is art?' asks for a definition.

The aesthetics of print size

Huge prints are de rigueur for the landscape photographer and photographers often overlook the value of the small print.