The Richard Prince - Suicide Girls Circus

Is it possible to be guilty of copyright infringement by re-appropriating work appropriated from you?

Copyright: How did transformative use become fair use?

A survey of the legal history leading up to "transformative use" defenses for copyright infringement

Publishers need better photography to stay relevant on the web

Is it time for publications to start hiring photographers who can write rather than writers who own a camera?

The color of sloth

Busy times leave little room for blogging. Here's a quick news post about what's been happening.

Please stop stripping our metadata

Orphaned work legislation seems inevitable. If so, we need to stop creating new orphaned works

A review of a new service for photographers offering feedback from top editors and art buyers

Photographers: you’re being replaced by software

Realistic CGI rendering is already competing with photography and it's getting cheaper and easier every day.

Broken Dishes, Ice Cream & Your Work

An old study about the counterintuitive way people assign value and what that means for your work as a photographer.

Just Say No To Copyright Grabs

The MGM Grand's rights-grabbing photo contest.

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