Exploring Color Theory with Blender

Using Blender, an open-source 3D rendering application, to explore colorimetry.

iPhone 5 Color

Taking a few quick color measurements of the new iPhone

Estimating Color Gamut Volume

Using the Monte Carlo method to resolve conflicting information about color gamut volumes.

The scientific misconduct of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo's fake color experiment and the difference between additive and subtractive color.

My life as an undirected graph

A graph of my social media connections.

Planck’s Despair

Computing the chromaticity coordinates of the Planckian Locus and computing color temperature using just a smidgen of calculus.

Geography Games

This space has been a little slow while I was in Texas finishing up a photography contract for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. On the flight between Dallas and Seattle…

Whither Gamut?

Have you ever wondered why monitors have limited gamuts in the first place? Why can't they be made to simply reproduce all colors.

Casual Print Hanging

If you make your own prints then you've probably been in my position. I make a few prints, I'm not really sure if I like them, put them in a box between tissue paper and forget about them.

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