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Things have been buzzing here lately. On a purely anecdotal level, looking around the web suggests that editorial photography markets, which have been glacially slow for several years might be thawing a bit. With Newsweek diving back into print and the Guardian reporting an "explosion" of new print magazines, it's tempting allow for a little careful optimism. I've been noticing more calls from photo editors, more assignments, and I've noticing a similar trend with local friends and colleagues. But editorial stories about Alaska have always been cyclical, at least for me. Months will go by with with little coverage of Alaska and then out of nowhere — wham! — I can barely find enough time to return emails.

The past few weeks have been especially busy — everything from kids with robots, to sled dogs, to a ride-along with a guy delivering pizza in the northernmost community in the United States way, way above the Arctic Circle in February. It's the kind of work that made me love photography.

Here are a few links:

The Car of the World's Coldest Pizza Man for the Wall Street Journal
The unique issues of delivering food during winter in Barrow, Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle.
Slideshow: Delivering Pizzas at the Top of the World

Alaskan Leader Keeps Rural Students Connected for Education Week:
A story about using distance learning technology in the Lower Kuskokwim School District, an area unconnected to the road system in Alaska where the isolation end expense of building infrastructure has presented enormous obstacles to education. Now, with the grit and determination of educators, students are getting specialized technology education and competing in national robotic competitions.

Education, Bethel, Alaska
Programing the robot in the first round of the FIRST Tech Challenge robotic competition

Husky Homestead off-season training. For ESPN, The Magazine:
This assignment was shot in the Fall near Denali National Park where four-time Iditarod champion Jeff King trains with his dogs. This year's Iditarod had one of the most dramatic finishes in the history of the race when a brutal winter storm revoked Jeff King's almost unsurmountable lead in the final hours of the race forcing him to drop out.

Husky Homestead, Denali, Alaska
Zoom: Husky Homestead