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An Arizona bill that would require advertisers to print disclaimers with images that have been altered in postproduction.

What is it that has made photographers fall so deeply in love with their professional status, especially when it is one of the least verifiable, most-easily claimed statuses in the world?

Photographing wetland habitats in California

Photographers talk a lot about gear and methods and often insist that the choice of tools is irrelevant. But this film, and the scene above in particular, is a great study in how the choices of method and tools are manifest in the final product of an art

Embracing the two dimensional nature of the photograph and shooting in the style of a graphic designer.

How far does copyright go and when do ideas become protectable expressions?

Looking at two studies about value and the nature of free.

Photographs from a recent assignment documenting the agricultural side of cotton.

Computing the chromaticity coordinates of the Planckian Locus and computing color temperature using just a smidgen of calculus.

Photographing the effects of a new school in the remote Alaskan village of Kongiganak.

This space has been a little slow while I was in Texas finishing up a photography contract for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. On the flight between Dallas and Seattle…

One of the more interesting, if sometimes unsettling aspects of living in Alaska is that this sliver of hospitable space is equally limited horizontally. Anchorage sits on a little piece of coastal lowland which is surrounded by wilderness…

Knowing when and how to use stock photography is a talent in its own right. So is knowing when not to.

Travel photography tends to be about capturing the differences you find, either in the landscape or culture or food, between what you live with and what you find when go somewhere else. This makes a travel piece about your home town a challenge…

It turns out that a significant number of people, around ten percent of the population, are stereo blind—they lack the ability to gather depth information using the parallax difference between the eyes.

If I ever meet Murphy, I'm gonna kick him in the ’nads. These photos are an attempt to snatch something, anything really, out of the clenches of Murphy's Law.

Adams allows for the happy accident of the machine, which opens the possibility that you might be confronted one day by an excellent photograph made without human intent. Perhaps you would find a very lucky shot from a traffic or security camera

Like many difficult questions, the problem is not the evasive answer, but rather the muddled question. The question 'what is art?' asks for a definition.

Huge prints are de rigueur for the landscape photographer and photographers often overlook the value of the small print.

Why do we categorize photographs the way we do? How did we settle on classifications like still-life and landscape photos rather than dark vs. light photos, or photos of man-made vs. natural things, or photos taken vertically vs. horizontally?

This photograph of pianist Rudolph Ganz arrived in the mail last month. It belonged to my grandfather, then my parents, and now me. It has become an object of contemplation for me.

Looking at this image it occurred to me that it might be considerably more difficult to shoot today. Although the laws haven't changed significantly regarding photography in public places, the public has been asked to vigilantly report suspicious behavior

Nica's claim to fame is that of a patron. She housed, fed, and often rescued what at times seems to be the entire New York jazz scene of the 50s and 60s. Considering the artists she is associated with (Charlie Parker died in her apartment), she must have…

With the passing of Labor Day we begin our long lament for summer's retreat. Summer in Alaska can be a vexing season of cool, wet weather punctuated with the precious, rare warm day. Being such a short season here, we make every attempt to savor the nice

Rarely do photo editors have the opportunity to make explicit statements for themselves. Always in the shadows, struggling to support the ideas of others, the photo editor, like the film editor in cinema, is the unheralded voice and often the heart and so

Proust would have known another case of "reconquest" by photography, that of the lovely Lady Evelyne Buchan, nicknamed "the Pocket Venus" by London society because of her diminutive stature. Like Misia, the Pocket Venus had been abandoned by her husband…

Music school provided a great photography education; that's where I learned to practice. And you do learn to practice. Practice in itself is a skill. Yet photographers are generally not taught how to practice.

Some old chestnuts from the legal archive addressing the problems of copyright and supernatural beings.

I've been away again for several weeks in Wyoming pursuing some personal work which included among other things photographing behind the scenes at the Cody Stampede Rodeo. I'm back home for a while and will be editing photos and making blog postings here…

A catalog of the differences in the way I see a scene compared to what is captured in a photograph.

Stephen Shore managed an incredible success in fine-art photography at a very early age famously getting his photos into the hands of Edward Steichen, who was the curator of photography at the MoMA

Although it's been years since I've loaded a roll of 35mm film into a camera, I still shoot some transparency and b&w film in large and medium formats. I like the options my 4x5 camera affords and the digital options in large format