Claims of storytelling photography are everywhere, but is anyone really telling stories with photography?

Some new work and the horror of editing one's own photography.

Personal work from India with reflections on Baudelaire

An Arizona bill that would require advertisers to print disclaimers with images that have been altered in postproduction.

What is it that has made photographers fall so deeply in love with their professional status, especially when it is one of the least verifiable, most-easily claimed statuses in the world?

Photographing wetland habitats in California for the USDA.

A few casual photos from the South Fork Eagle River.

Photographers talk a lot about gear and methods and often insist that the choice of tools is irrelevant. But this film, and the scene above in particular, is a great study in how the choices of method and tools are manifest in the final product of an art

Embracing the two dimensional nature of the photograph and shooting in the style of a graphic designer.

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