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Some recent editorial photography from around Alaska.

Photographers who work in wilderness areas inevitably increase their risk factors. Understanding our judgment under risk is a basic job requirement.

An Arizona bill that would require advertisers to print disclaimers with images that have been altered in postproduction.

Florida's Senate Bill 1246 would make it illegal to create visual depictions of agriculture.

How far does copyright go and when do ideas become protectable expressions?

Knowing when and how to use stock photography is a talent in its own right. So is knowing when not to.

Travel photography tends to be about capturing the differences you find, either in the landscape or culture or food, between what you live with and what you find when go somewhere else. This makes a travel piece about your home town a challenge…

Why would a major news organization with its many resources choose the stock photo rather than finding a photo, any photo, of the actual conditions? The answer is simple:

As new social media outlets sprout like weeds I have found myself developing a new rule when dealing with them: I'm not uploading my images to your servers. Sure, I may post an iPhone shot or something similar…

The story has everything it needs for mass appeal: puppies, death, sex, and the first amendment. Naturally it has enjoyed a lot of attention from the press.

Julius Shulman, who died in earlier his year, is perhaps the premier architectural photographer of the 20th century. He is one of those artists whose work is so strong that it has supplanted our collective memory…

Looking at this image it occurred to me that it might be considerably more difficult to shoot today. Although the laws haven't changed significantly regarding photography in public places, the public has been asked to vigilantly report suspicious behavior