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Taking a few quick color measurements of the new iPhone

Using a single hard light for portraits. A side-by-side comparison of some test shots using the Profoto softlight reflector.

We are going to geek out on color theory today. If you've spent anytime at all around digital color, you've certainly seen the above diagram. It's called a chromaticity diagram

Today we're going to look at one of the tiny little marvels of fluid dynamics that happen in front of us everyday in those invisible fissures of time that elude our vision. What follows is one way to shoot water drop photos

Have you ever wondered why monitors have limited gamuts in the first place? Why can't they be made to simply reproduce all colors.

The tools we use effect us more than we like to admit. We are so accustomed to working on computers that we tend to forget that the interface of a modern operating system is little more than a set of visual metaphors.

As new social media outlets sprout like weeds I have found myself developing a new rule when dealing with them: I'm not uploading my images to your servers. Sure, I may post an iPhone shot or something similar…

If you make your own prints then you've probably been in my position. I make a few prints, I'm not really sure if I like them, put them in a box between tissue paper and forget about them.