Photo Journal

Everything from 2011

  • American Pastoral
    Florida's Senate Bill 1246 would make it illegal to create visual depictions of agriculture.
  • LaChapelle v. Rihanna
    How far does copyright go and when do ideas become protectable expressions?
  • Anatomy of a freelance assignment
    A play-by-play with a few outtakes from a recent assignment for the Wall Street Journal
  • Free!
    Looking at two studies about value and the nature of free.
  • Flatland
    Embracing the two dimensional nature of the photograph and shooting in the style of a graphic designer.
  • Dirty Work
    I've been in California shooting an assignment for the Natural Resources Conservation Service for the past few weeks.
  • Hard Light
    Using a single hard light for portraits. A side-by-side comparison of some test shots using the Profoto softlight reflector.
  • The scientific misconduct of Leonardo da Vinci
    Leonardo's fake color experiment and the difference between additive and subtractive color.
  • Soft light confession
    You can save yourself a lot of stress if you have a light setup you can fall back on that you know will work every time and in almost any situation—a fail-safe lighting solution.
  • Random acts of genius
    Photographers talk a lot about gear and methods and often insist that the choice of tools is irrelevant. But this film, and the scene above in particular, is a great study in how the choices of method and tools are manifest in the final product of an art
  • Summer Work
    Selections from a recent USDA assignment
  • In Praise of Erasmus
    Variation on a theme by Erasmus, or how many ways can I take this photo?
  • A Quiet Place
    Photographing wetland habitats in California
  • Redesign
    This website has a brand new look and some new features. Here's the rundown.