Photo Journal

Everything from 2010

  • Some Notes on Color
    Some notes regarding color categories, perception and language.
  • Talking shop, precision with one light
    Shooting still life photos with some very old Polaroid 4x5 film
  • Alaska Girls Kick Ass
    Alaska is many things and the view from most of the world is of mountains, whales, glaciers, float planes…you know Alaska stuff, the reason people get on cruise ships to come up here. As impressive and beautiful as all that is…
  • Serving images for Twitter
    Creating a custom URL shortener and image service for use with social media.
  • Merrill Pass
    If I ever meet Murphy, I'm gonna kick him in the ’nads. These photos are an attempt to snatch something, anything really, out of the clenches of Murphy's Law.
  • Hier wird nach den Regeln nur eingelassen.
    History is full of attempts to codify beauty. The meistersingers referenced in the quote above are a good example and in fact have a lot in common with the kind of advice you get in magazines, workshops…
  • Casual Print Hanging
    If you make your own prints then you've probably been in my position. I make a few prints, I'm not really sure if I like them, put them in a box between tissue paper and forget about them.
  • Outtakes from Summer
    It's a good day for photo editing and I'm focusing on images from summer to remind myself that although winter is long here, it does eventually pass and when it does it's worth the wait.
  • Three quotes on photography
    Adams allows for the happy accident of the machine, which opens the possibility that you might be confronted one day by an excellent photograph made without human intent. Perhaps you would find a very lucky shot from a traffic or security camera
  • Ctein—is it art?
    Like many difficult questions, the problem is not the evasive answer, but rather the muddled question. The question 'what is art?' asks for a definition.
  • The aesthetics of print size
    Huge prints are de rigueur for the landscape photographer and photographers often overlook the value of the small print.
  • Out of Town
    Things will be a little slow around here. I'm leaving Monday morning for a week in Wyoming followed almost immediately by an assignment for…
  • Photography & Social Media
    As new social media outlets sprout like weeds I have found myself developing a new rule when dealing with them: I'm not uploading my images to your servers. Sure, I may post an iPhone shot or something similar…
  • Memos of Monument
    Conservation has always been controversial. Well, not always: the creation of the National Park System represented a rare confluence of the monied interests, like the railroads, and political support. But it's unlikely this could ever happen today.
  • Spring Aerials
    Lake Clark is one of the most spectacular places on earth, and while it's not terribly far from Anchorage, it's only accessible via air or water, which makes it one of the least-visited units in the National Park system
  • Fire your congressional representatives—follow up
    The Supreme Court ruled on the case United States v. Stevens today that I wrote about last year. They struck down the law that made depictions of animal cruelty illegal.
  • In the land of the one-eyed artist
    It turns out that a significant number of people, around ten percent of the population, are stereo blind—they lack the ability to gather depth information using the parallax difference between the eyes.
  • Some Notes on Saturation
    The tools we use effect us more than we like to admit. We are so accustomed to working on computers that we tend to forget that the interface of a modern operating system is little more than a set of visual metaphors.
  • Salon des Refusés
    Why would a major news organization with its many resources choose the stock photo rather than finding a photo, any photo, of the actual conditions? The answer is simple:
  • Entr'acte
    I'm heading for the lower 48 to do some work…
  • Whither Gamut?
    Have you ever wondered why monitors have limited gamuts in the first place? Why can't they be made to simply reproduce all colors.
  • Hotel Window Five Ways
    Lubbock, Texas, May 2010.
  • Laughing-Stock
    Knowing when and how to use stock photography is a talent in its own right. So is knowing when not to.
  • Anchorage G Street Outtakes
    Travel photography tends to be about capturing the differences you find, either in the landscape or culture or food, between what you live with and what you find when go somewhere else. This makes a travel piece about your home town a challenge…
  • Faux-tos
    It's a good news day for photo manipulation.
  • Some local color
    Shooting for the New York Times: "Across or Down, Anchorage Is Alive."
  • Between the crust and the Kármán line
    One of the more interesting, if sometimes unsettling aspects of living in Alaska is that this sliver of hospitable space is equally limited horizontally. Anchorage sits on a little piece of coastal lowland which is surrounded by wilderness…
  • Anchorage Journal for the New York Times
    Quick assignment for the New York Times
  • Slow news week
    I'll be in the lower forty-eight for the next week…
  • Recipe: Water Drops
    Today we're going to look at one of the tiny little marvels of fluid dynamics that happen in front of us everyday in those invisible fissures of time that elude our vision. What follows is one way to shoot water drop photos
  • Recipe: Smoke Photos
    These are very easy to make, require minimal gear, and you can end up with some surprising and beautiful results.
  • Deconstructing Chromaticity
    We are going to geek out on color theory today. If you've spent anytime at all around digital color, you've certainly seen the above diagram. It's called a chromaticity diagram
  • Geography Games
    This space has been a little slow while I was in Texas finishing up a photography contract for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. On the flight between Dallas and Seattle…
  • Planck’s Despair
    Computing the chromaticity coordinates of the Planckian Locus and computing color temperature using just a smidgen of calculus.
  • One light, two ways
    Lighting some casual one-light portraits using the Profoto Softlight Reflector (with grid) and the Elinchrom 72" Octobank.
  • Village Education
    Photographing the effects of a new school in the remote Alaskan village of Kongiganak.
  • Rules for Herds
    Using lessons from cinematography to improve your photography and why the 'rule of thirds' won't ever get you very far.